5 major trends that will shape society and business

5 Trends that will shape sustainability and business in 2020

Source: www.rappler.com

What does the coming year hold? 2020, as some experts have noted, is the year the climate fight could be won or lost, and Asia will play a critical role.

Eco-Business gazes into the crystal ball and identifies 5 major trends that will shape business and society in 2020.

Big tech’s threat to human rights

Digital technology is widely recognized as a force for good that has allowed people greater access to information and opportunities, the rising power of big tech is coming under greater scrutiny for posing further risks to human rights, especially in the realm of surveillance and data privacy.

Tech giants are also accused of operating in a “human rights free-zone” that will harm the most vulnerable segments of society. When its applications are designed without social risks in mind, the use of technology could also reinforce political divides and drive nationalism to the extremes instead of breaking down biases.