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Why Tokenization?

Sell property faster. More investors participating = No more unpredictable waiting time for a single buyer!

Invest big or start small. Earn from rental income. Greater freedom for investors to create a diverse, and more profitable portfolio of income-yielding properties.

Want to opt out? Sell your digital assets on our trading platform.

What is C Estates?

C Estates aims to make investing in real estate easy and accessible to everyone.

C Estates opens Philippine properties to the global marketplace using blockchain technology to seamlessly buy and sell properties. Property transactions are not just faster, but more transparent, compliant, and secure for buyers and sellers.

Our unique tokenization platform converts physical properties into digital property assets (DPA), including its value appreciation, and rental income yield. These DPAs may then be sold in fractions to many buyers, lowering the barrier for retail investors.

Just like company stocks, investors can more easily expand their real estate portfolio by buying and trading fractions of properties, and their corresponding value.