Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tokenization
  • Due Diligence
  • Property Appraisal (Philippines)
  • Digital Asset Exchange (coming in 2019)
  • Property and Asset Management

How to create a profile and upload properties:

Basic Property Information

Required Information

  • Property Name
  • Complete Address
  • Property Description
  • Type ( Commercial, Residencial )
  • Rooms (Studio, 1BR, 2BR, xBR)
  • Physical Specifications ( Floor Area, Balcony)
  • Kitchen (on/off)
  • Bathroom (on/off)
  • Parking (count)
  • Common Amenities ( Gym, Pool, Play Ground, Roof-Top )

Required Digital Copy of Documents

  • Photos of the Property ( Living Room, Rooms, Kitchen, Bathroom)

Required User Information

  • Salutation
  • Full Name
  • Birth Year
  • Complete Permanent Address including Country of Residence

Required Contact Details

  • E-Mail Address
  • Mobile Number

Go to the property page of and browse properties according to your preference using the filter. To purchase, you must register, and login to your account. Go to the chosen property, and click “Buy” to purchase the desired amount of DPA.

Register in and sign up as a Seller. Go through the required fields, enter information about your property, and confirm the digital agreement for terms of use. The C Estates Due Diligence Team will review your entry, and contact you for confirmation, and guide you through the next steps (hyperlink to escrow process). Once all requirements are verified, your property will be tokenized, and listed in the C Estates online platform.

  • Owner will sign an Authority to Sell (ATS) for C ESTATES to conduct due diligence.
  • C ESTATES due diligence team will call the property owner to ask for necessary legal documents and submit it to us for proper evaluation.
  • Once confirm that the property pass the evaluation, we will secure the CCT together with all other necessary documents for ESCROW processing and annotation.
  • C ESTATES will digitize the property to quantify the total number of DPA (DIgital Property Asset) will be given to the property owner that he/she can sell in our platform.
  • Buying and Selling of properties in CESTATES platform will be available in free market with a use of our own utility token/ cryptocurrency which will be called XCET coins.
  • CESTATES property management services will also handle the property and will be used for either long or short term leasing and the revenue will be equally divided on all DPA/shareholders of the property.
  • Tokenization Fee - a fee that is being paid by the property owner to officially digitize his/her property in our platform. Please refer to this bracket:

    • From Php2,000,000.00 to Php 4,999,999.00 - 1.5% of the Total Contract Price (TCP)
    • From Php5,000,000.00 to Php 29,999,999.00 - 1% of the Total Contract Price (TCP)
    • From Php30,000,000.00 to Php 74,999,999.00 - 0.75% of the Total Asking Price (TCP)
    • From Php75,000,00.00 to Php 99,999,999.00) pesos - 0.50% of the Total Contract Price (TCP)
    • From Php100,000,000.00 and above - 0.25% of the Total Contract Price (TCP)
  • Transaction Fee - is a form of service charge that is being paid every transaction happens inside the platform (0.75% of the total transaction cost that is being paid both by DPA seller and DPA buyer).

  • Escrow Fee - Safe-keeping of the title by a legally-appointed representative, in this case, the Conveyance Department of C Estates, Inc. (0.25% of the selling price or $1,999, whichever is higher).

  • Annotation Fee - A fee that is being paid to process title annotation of a property (total of 50USD).

  • Authority to Sell
  • CCT
  • Tax Declaration/ Tax Clearance
  • Leasing Agreement (if necessary)